Day 17 – Lost in a Black Hole

There are lots of jokes about New Jersey. Based on our experience with New Jersey today, most of those jokes are petty accurate.

We started the day going down to Atlantic City. We arrived quite early and it seemed like all of the city was shut down. We tried to visit the Boardwalk, however it has not yet been rebuilt after Hurricane Sandy damaged extensive parts of the coast.

Then we started on of those experiences that might be funny in a week, or two, or longer, but was not funny at the time. New Jersey decided not to let us leave.

First, we got a flat tyre. We called the emergency number for the rental company and were told to change the tyre and return the car. So after sitting on the street of Atlantic City to change the tyre, we made our way back on a temporary tyre to the nearest rental car agency to change the car. After some back and forth we were given a new car and swapped all of our stuff from one car to the new one.

So we start off again to leave New Jersey and the car waits until we get close to the toll booth again to flash a “low pressure tyre warning.” So we pay the toll and pull over at the next service station. Buy a tyre gauge and fill the tyres up. Does the warning go away? No …

So we start back to rental agency and get ready to go through the toll booth again and … The warning goes away. So we drive a bit further and the warning stays away. So we turn around and go through the toll booth another time. (Each time was $3).

We did eventually escape New Jersey, however it may not have been the highlight of the trip.

We then made it to Delaware, a very small state, which according to the Delaware History Museum started the US chicken industry.

After the fun of the day we decided to cut our losses and make for the Maryland border.


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