Day 16 – The birthplace of the United States

We spent the day in Philadelphia – the city of brotherly love. Philadelphia is most known for being the birthplace of the United States. While Philadelphia was not the military centre for the revolutionary war, it was the political centre. Philadelphia was the place where both the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution were signed and debated.

Independence Hall, where these documents were developed, is managed by the fantastic national parks service and is accessible via tour only. Or tour guide, Joanne, was fantastic and provided a great overview of the events which occurred in the hall and some of the efforts at restoring the hall after it was provided to the national parks service.

We also saw the Liberty Bell which originally hung in Independence Hall and is now stored across the road in it’s own museum.

Near to these two buildings is the National Consitution Centre. This is run be an independent organisation, rather than the national parks service. This museum had an excellent exhibition in prohibition which included interactive features and even a model speakeasy. The main exhibition, however, was much less informative and contained limited information about the functioning of the Constitution or its development.

We also found a great street vendor who had Philly cheesesteaks for $4.50 which were excellent!






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