Day 15 – Meeting the Dutch

Today we had a beautiful detour through Lancaster County in Pennsylvania. This is the centre for the Pennsylvania Dutch, more commonly known as the Amish. The Amish as known for the rejection of some new technology as well as dedication to community and humility.

The Amish are excellent business people and cultivate tourism and trade with the “English.”. The Amish maintain older style trades such as quilting and furniture crafting. The time, dedication and creativity in developing their trades is amazing and admirable and produces stunning products. There are many family and farm gate stores in Lancaster county where you can purchase their amazing products.

We also stopped off for lunch at a buffet serving foods such as fried chicken, oven baked ham and a range of sides, like mashed potato, corn, green beans and coleslaw. We also had a selection of 5 desserts including an awesome blueberry pie. The food was amazing and was all you can eat.I certainly did not need dinner).

It was served “family style” which means that you rare seated on a long table with other diners. So we got to meet and chat to a lovely family who was visiting from Delaware and Maryland on spring break.

The drive through the county is very beautiful and stress free. Great day trip!






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