Day 14 – stuff, stuff and more stuff

Let me explain something about NYC, all of the streets are numbered, so you know where you are and how to get from one place to another. The streets which run North to South (like 5th Avenue) are the main streets and the ones which run east to west are smaller streets. The space between the main streets are the city blocks.

I tell you this to give background the say that when we tried to go to the game of thrones exhibition yesterday and the line stretched from 4th to 5th avenues this is a lot of people. We decided at that time not to waste an indeterminate amount of time in NYC standing in line. When we went back this morning and the line was all but gone.

We were able to go to the Game of Thrones exhibition this morning and Chris and I both had photos in the Iron Throne. The exhibition had a large section of costumes and props classified into the different houses. There were also some displays showing interviews with the designers. The exhibition was very popular, but the staff did an excellent job of managing the crowds.

We then went to the Metropolitan Museum, known as the Met. They have an almost intimidating about of stuff. The building is huge and broken up into different sections such as musical instruments, photographs, European paintings and Islamic art. As it would be almost. Possible to donate enough time in a day to see everything (without exploding your feet), we focused on the arms and armour, Egypt and medieval art sections. The quality of the artefacts are amazing and there are many, many rooms to explore.

We also stopped by Nintendo World which has lots of games and Nintendo related products.

Fun fact: great museum, crazy expensive cafe – cost me nearly $8 for a quarter of a plate of salad.










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