Locating HP Lovecraft’s grave

Many people like to attend HP Lovecraft’s grave and many leave small tributes to one of the original fathers of horror fiction.

HP Lovecraft’s headstone is located in Swan Point Cemetery in Providence Rhode Island. It is located at 585 Blackstone Blvd in Providence. The cemetery itself is located quite close to Pawtucket in Rhode Island. The century is well maintained and has several significant historic graves. More on the cemetery’s history can be found at this helpful site. There is also a map of the cemetery which may be of help.

The grave marker for Lovecraft is small and can be difficult to locate in this large cemetery.

Some key directions which may assist you in locating the grave:
1. There is a small reflecting pond located in the middle part of the park. The grave is located several sections toward the river from this marker.
2. The grave marker for Lovecraft is located in his family’s plot, so his marker is not immediately visible from the path. You should look for the larger marker for “Phillips”.
3. The plot is located at the end of Avenue B at next to the large area set aside for Sprague. This is quite a large area and includes twin staircases which lead to a central garden area.
4. The grave is located between the streets of Willow (279), spruce (304), hemlock (286).





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