Day 13 -From Old to New

Visited the American Natural History Museum (anhm) today. The ANHM is one of the oldest museums in America and was the site of the film, Night in the Museum. The museum has a significant number of dioramas showing animals in their natural habitats. The museum also recreates a number of natural environments of the US. The museum also contains a number of dinosaur skeletons such as the T-Rex, ankylosaur, and stegosaur.

The museum is also the site of the Hayden Planetarium, which is directed by the famous Neil deGrasse Tyson. The planetarium inky has one show at present which was a little disappointing as the show did not go into detail about any of the topics. It was however, very well produced and written.

We also attended the production of sleep no more. His is an interactive production of Macbeth. It is extremely difficult to describe and I would not want to spoil the experience for others. Essentially the play is deconstructed and is told over several levels of a 1920s hotel. The performers communicate key scenes primarily through dance. The performers also engage the audience directly at times. I thought this play was fantastic and really enjoyed exploring the different rooms of the hotel. There are many, many things to read, touch and engage with. The experience is very dense and it is impossible to experience all of it in just one show.









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