Day 12 – Icons of New York

Had a very busy today and saw some of the great icons of New York.

Started by taking a subway train from Grand Central terminal. It is a very busy station and is primarily a terminal for regional trains rather than subway lines. There are quite a lot of different lines on Manhattan, take a look at the subway map.

We then took a ferry around the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, which is unfortunately closed due to damage following Hurricane Sandy. We did have an excellent view of both attractions from the ferry, however. We also had a great view of the Island of Manhattan and other area of New York City.

We then visited the New York branch of the National Museum of the American Indian. The museum is quite small, however it does have some very valuable artefacts. The museum also had an exhibition on Native American museum such as Jimi Hendrix.

MoMa, the museum of modern art has one of the greatest collections of modern art in the world. The current special exhibition is Edvard Munch and includes the painting “the scream”. The museum also includes some classic artworks such as water lilies and the starry night. The museum is extremely popular and we had to wait for 20 minutes to check our bag. Thankfully we didn’t have to queue for tickets as I had already purchased the New York City Pass which not only saves money but also time waiting in line.

On the way to our broadway show we also stopped off for a photograph of Times Square.

Last stop for the day was Spiderman Turn off the Dark. The show was a lot of fun and showcased many high flying stunts which were generally reminiscent of the comic book. The way Spider-Man and Peter Parker move and behave is very authentic o the comic book. The villains are also old Skool comic book. (Spider-man always had pretty weird villains anyway). The music was well performed and the show was well acted. The key to this show is to appreciate it for the way it was designed to be -a fun reselling of a comic book, not a super serious production. Make sure you bring extra money because at the end of the show they give you the opportunity to donate some money to Broadway Cares, a long run Inge New York charity. You can get some awesome stuff for donating – I got a bracelet made from the lines used to fly spider-man around and pieces of a spider-man costume. A great souvenir and great to be giving to charity.

Overall a fun day filled with very New York type things.







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