Day 10 – Trials and Witches

The Salem Witch Trials occurred in Salem and so rounding towns in 1692. About 150 people were wrongly convicted of witchcraft following some accusations caused by group hysteria, small town politics and poor judicial decisions. This had very little to do with actual witchcraft.

Salem today is a strange mix of psychics, cheesy tourist and a few historical and cultural attractions.

The Salem Witch Museum is kind of surreal experience. The story of the witch trials is told in a series of vignettes utilising wax figures. The lasting message of the presentations seem to be that while it was bad, it wasn’t as bad as events in Europe and we only did it once. Weird.

The Salem Witch House is an historic site which was owned by own of the key judges in the trials. The house provides some insight into life during the time period, as well as some context about natural healing.

The Salem Witch Trials were a dark period in US history which teaches us what can happen when people put aside reason and gave into fear.







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