Day 5 – Mushing through the snow

Today we took a Salmon Berry tour out to the home of 2012 Iditarod champion, and youngest ever winner, Dallas Seavey

We travelled a number of hours outside of Anchorage up to Willow. There had been significant snow fall over night and in the morning. So there was lots of new, powdery snow up to your waist in many places.

We went out with a dog sledding team of 8 dogs, all but 2 of the dogs were still developing and were only a year old. The 2 lead dogs were about 9 years old. The dogs were all very sociable and loved lots of attention and being pet.

The sledding was great and got to see lots of snow and wilderness. Also had a great view of Denali, Americas tallest peak.

We spoke with Dallas for quite a while about what it is like to train and compete in this very challenging race which is held over 9 days in deep Alaskan wilderness with virtually no sleep and little food.

On the way back our guide took up down a trail next to the highway to see some moose.








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