Saying Aloha to the Aloha state

Learnt lots on this trip about Hawaii. There is certainly lots of history here, much of which is still a present concern for the Hawaiian people.

Kamehameha the Great united he people of Hawaii in1810, stopping years of conflict between the individual islands and establishing the kingdom of Hawaii. The US Government then overthrew the Kingdom in 1893 to create a US territory and imprisoned the then queen in her palace until her death. Hawaii eventually became a US state in 1959. Many Hawaiian groups are still working to have the kingdom of Hawaii re-established.

Hawaii’s economy is clearly tourism based and great effort is put into ensuring that the areas, particularly Waikiki are safe and clean. My here are many police officers present and you can always see someone cleaning something.

There also seems to be some innovative government programs to utilise land and ensure sustainability.

Hawaii is undoubtably beautiful and it is certainly clear as to why it is a major tourist attraction across the world.

My rating out of 50 is 40.
Awesome tourist destination, but make sure you seek out lots of different activities and that you fully cost and budget for everything.

Categories out of 10

Home comforts
Quality of food, accommodation, etc.
Score of 8. Lots of variety in food and accommodation, however much of it is large and touristy, as you would expect.

The quality of the attractions and generally how fun and interesting they were.
Score of 9. Lots and lots to do in Hawaii and lots of variety. Good o get off the beaten oath and found out all of what the items have to offer.

Natural Beauty
The aesthetic vistas of the state which make the drive easier.
Score of 10. You have volcanoes, gorgeous beaches, mountains and rainforests. What more could you want?

Historical and cultural sites and interactions with the locals.
Score of 8. Lots of history to be found here, both from an ancient Hawaiian recent world stage perspective. Again, need to engage with the locals about their life on the Islands.

Financial value – bang for your buck, so to speak.
Score of 5. Hawaii is expensive and everything you do will cost that but extra. Great destination, but make sure you budget appropriately.






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