Day 4 – From southern paradise to northern paradise

Today we went snowmobiling through the Alaskan muskeg on a snowmobile to see a glacier. The tour was hosted by Salmon Berry tours.

The experience was pretty amazing, we went about 12 miles via snowmobile to the glacier. The guide was fantastic and provided a route in the endless white landscape.

The expansive glacier was absolutely amazing. The glacier sits in an awesome valley covered in trees. The colour of the glacier was an amazing blue.

There also were several large icebergs which had broken away from the main glacier and are then frozen in place when the river refreezes. There are awesome clear icicles hanging off the icebergs.

The snowmobiling was pretty awesome, it is lots of fun. You may have some questions a bout snowmobiling so let me explain:

Will I be good at it?
It depends, my husband is frustrating good at things so he was selected to help the tour guide set the trail. I am less good at things and so had to get help with a few of the more tricky things (after I had a very slow mishap which ended up with the snow mobile up an embankment. Fortunately our tour guide, Herbie, was able to easily right t with no injury to me or the snowmobile. However, as I had not seen snow before arriving this morning in Alaska I think I did pretty well.

Is snowmobiling scary?
A bit, but as the day goes on it gets much easier as you learn to lean into the bumps a but better.

Do I need a licence?
No, anyone over 16 can drive their own snowmobiles. Children under 16 can go on a machine with an adult.

Is it cold?
Not really, the tour company loans you warm clothes to make up for any gaps in your wardrobe. They also provide boots, if needed. Once you are out and travelling it is pretty warm.

What sort of terrain do you cover?
Lots of long wide plains, river crossings, between trees, up and down inclines.

Fun fact of the day: snowmobiles have air conditioning, but no heating. Apparently this is in case you get cold.







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