Day 2 – Moi Moi is not the word of the day

Moi Moi means chill out, relax or sleep in Hawaii.

We went on the Discover Hawaii Eco Tour today and our guide Kalani told us the word of the day was Moi Moi. That wasn’t really accurate as it turned out to be a very busy day.

Started at 5:15 pickup at the hotel and then out to the airport for a 40 minute flight to the Big Island of Hawaii. Kalani let us know that it is called the Big Island because it is the biggest of the Hawaiian islands. Go figure!

The tour stated out looking at historic Banyan trees which were utilised in Hawaii to stabilise the earth which was prone to high levels of vibrations. Many of the banyan trees were planted by historic figures such as the one in the photograph below which was planted by Amelia Earhart.

We then had a great look at Hilo Bay. This shot was taken from a small refuge island just off the bay.

We also had a look at several other tourist destinations at sea level on the Island including a marine park, waterfall and Big Island candies.

The big event for the tour was a visit to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Unfortunately we were not able to get close the actual lava as it is currently unstable and the area around the lava has been closed by the national park service.

We were ale to see the following key parts of the national park:
– Cooled lava from two huge eruptions in 1979 which added significantly amounts of landmass to this Island.
Lava Tubesincluding the inside of a large tube and views of several as the enter the ocean
– Sea arch
– Lots of Rainforest, which is remarkably similar to the Australian environment.
– Steam vents

Fun fact of the day: If you wear an orchid behind your left ear you are taken, but worn behind your right ear means you are available.










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