Day 1 – The Aloha State


Aloha in the Hawaiian language means affection, peace, compassion and mercy.

We have just stuck around Honolulu today. The city is a very diverse.

Got a free upgrade on our room at Ohana East and they let us check in as soon as we arrived at 8:00 am which was awesome.

It is quite touristy so there are lots of malls and tourist stores. The city is very well maintained and kept. There are also lots of tourist buses which take you to key locations. I have included a photo of a happy looking bus.

The only unfortunate part of it being such a tourist destination is that there are also quite a lot of pushy salespeople along the streets who are trying to sell things, which is quite annoying.

There are lots of ABC stores which are a combination of convenience stores and tourist store. Very handy!

However, you can certainly see why so many come to Hawaii. The beaches are incredible. The water is warm and gentle and very inviting. It is like walking into a post card and you are always only a few minutes from a beach.

Weird fact of the day: Currently watching “Splash” – a celebrity diving show which is judged by both the audience and a judging panel.

Mahalo for reading.






2 thoughts on “Day 1 – The Aloha State

  1. Joyce Werner (Sister to Don Brewer) says:

    I hope you have a very safe journey. I have enjoyed reading all your previews, reminiscing about the place I had alreadty been or checking the link to the places I have not been. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us!!

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