Preview – Florida

Disneyland is one of my favourite places on Earth.  Before I went I perceived that it was contrived and commercialised.  In fact, it is just lots of fun, just seeing the looks on everyone’s faces when they first experience the inside-outside feeling of Pirates of the Caribbean is totally unforgettable.

So, needless to day I am extremely excited about my first trip to Walt Disney World.  I am having trouble even understanding the magnitude of the World.

As I have said, I like to plan, so have subscribed to Touring Plans, a website which helps you to plan your day at the World or Disneyland, based on data analysis of crowd numbers.  It promises to save you hours in line and I think anything which brings data analytics into real life must be cool.  I mainly use it to make sure I see all of my “must-sees” in the day, but also so that I can go through things efficiently and have more time to soak up the atmosphere.

I am finding it difficult to decide what I am most excited about in the world, but I think it is a toss-up between Animal Kingdom for its great mix of conservation and Disney or Epcot, particularly the World Showcase section.

We are staying at the brand new value resort called Art of Animation.  While this resort isn’t the most feature packed, it is within the resort and provides good travel times to all of the parks.  If you are spending lots of time in your room at a Disney Park you are probably doing it wrong anyway!


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