Multi- attraction passes

There are quite a few passes available on the Internet which offer discounts when purchasing multiple attractions. These passes can provide significant savings over purchasing attraction tickets individually, however there are a few things to consider prior to deciding to purchase these passes.

1. Do you actually want to see the attractions covered by the Pass? It may be a good deal,but only if you are actually going to enjoy those attractions. It may be that savings are still available even if you only see some of the attractions; just make sure you do the math.

2. Do you have enough time in the city to do those activities? You may want to see everything, but make sure you estimate how much time you have for each attraction.

3. Are there any other perks that make the passes worth more? For example, you may be able to skip lines, or be provided with VIP access to some attractions.

This in mind,I have purchased passes for both New York and Chicago from Citypass

Is a great deal and covers high profile attractions such as the Field Museum, Adler Planetarium and Shedd aquarium in Chicago and Statue of Liberty cruise,, the Met and the American Museum of Natural History.

The citypass provides free entry to a range of key attractions and expedited entry. Well worth the money.


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