Planning Template

I’m a project manager and there are three major components to delivering a good project.  Scope – what you do.  Schedule – when you do it.  And budget – how much it costs.  I have developed planning template which assists in managing all of these components.

It is important to record as much detail as possible and having a spreadsheet like the one attached will assist you to keep track of your time, costs and what you are doing.

I have attached a link to the excel file at the bottom of the post, however I will also provide a summary of the columns here, in case you want to design it yourself.

Category – categories of costs to assist you in sorting out the costs at a later time.
Start Date – when will you start your stay in a location?
End date – when will you finish the stay? Can be calculated from the total number of nights in the accommodation row for that location.
Starting & ending location – to indicate where you are travelling from and to.
Kms or Miles – How far will the drive be?  Can also be used to estimate costs of petrol.  You can estimate how much the petrol will cost per km or mile for your particular car.
Time – how long will the drive or activity take?  Good to estimate how much time you need in each location.
Full Description – a full description of the activity.
Cost per item – how much does each item cost?  (May be night rate for accommodation or ticket price for entertainment)
# of items –  How many items do you need? (May be nights of accommodation or ticket).  Used as a multiplier for cost per item.
Total cost – How much is the total cost of the item.  Calculated on previous two items.
Paid – Include how much you have already paid.  (Could be full amounts or deposits)
Purchase details – Details of the reservation number, coupon, etc.

130127 Budget Planning Template


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